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13th and Union Elementary School Partnership

We provide opportunities for students at 13th and Union Elementary School to flourish! The Partnership also strives to provide opportunities for Albright College students to gain experience by mentoring, tutoring, or providing teacher assistance.

Affinity Housing

Affinity Housing

African American Society (AAS)

This organization celebrates the beauty, strength and progression of the African American culture by embracing the past and moving towards a better tomorrow.

African Diaspora

Our mission is to promote the principles of pan-africanism in order to create self-awareness and self-confidence as individuals. We strive to grow Albright’s awareness about Africa’s culture, history and its people.

Agon: Albright's Literary Magazine (Agon)

This organization is primarily responsible for publishing a literary magazine once a semester to highlight the creative work of Albright students.

Albright Arts Magazine (Albright AM)

The Albright A.M. is a student-run arts magazine that covers all things art related at Albright College and in the Reading community.

Albright College Activities Council (AC^2)

This organization plans events and activities for all students

Albright College Alumni Office

The Albright College Alumni Office

Albright College Dance Team (ACDT)

This organization brings together all different types of students of all different majors who appreciate and practice all types of dance.

Albright College Gingrich Library

The Gingrich Library provides information, instruction and other services for the College community's teaching and research needs. Our collection provides the foundation for research and study on all disciplines taught at the College.

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